Why iUdyog?

iUdyog understand your IT needs better than any other. iUdyog is the solution of the complete website package. Form the planning to launch; from the maintenance to the SEO management we’ll accompany you. To be very specific, iUdyog is what your industrial demands are. iUdyog possesses a special interest to upgrade the info tech infrastructure in the rural and suburban areas of India. We add the ‘i’ (internet) factor to your business. Your business will be of International category through us. Our notable specialties are here.


  • Single Window end to end Solution

  • Low cost

  • Skilled Professional

  • Localized

  • Result Oriented

  • Quality in Time

  • Innovative Buddies

    Single Window end to end Solution


    iUdyog is acutely committed to serve your purpose. Most of the website developers construct a limited budget with annoyance but iUdyog is specially designed for the areas apart from capital cities and as a result we feel your limitations and form the best website for you. Our clients range from small start-up companies to individuals in need of fundamental web presence, to business giants requiring multifaceted web applications. We always focus on your targets and ways at every step to achieve them by utilizing the perfect technology, effective website design and marketing effort. iUdyog makes Web Site to be a faithful companion with your demand which includes designing the Website, developing the site (statically or dynamically) , content writing , administering and Maintaining the website, Building Shopping Carts or E commerce applications and much more.



    Low cost


    As we mentioned previously that iUdyog deals with suburban areas that is why iUdyog is familiar with the commercial aspects of your business. We meet the exact requirements of our clients to develop and build websites through industry proven technology in the most cost effective manner. We are committed in providing quality web development services and solutions within your budget fulfilling the rigid deadlines. Our rates are extremely competitive and there are no hidden costs involved in our quotes to our esteemed clients. We always give break up of our costs involved at each stage of website development so that our clients know what he or she is going for.



    Skilled Professional


    There is a say that “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. You must design a website as per your demands. iUdyog is full of energetic and skilled professionals who are very capable to build a website suitable to your needs and deeds. It is not always true that a good looking website will be most popular. Popularity depends on the availability of information and services online. Not only that our experienced professionals are also aware of uncountable criteria to build a universal website. Our skilled professionals’ team of developers, programmers, business analyst, manager, SEO experts helps you, your company and your business to acquire the paramount of success.





    Reach the ‘Global Village’ with a localized website. It’s funny how often we hear business owners say “Why would I want a website? I’m not looking to reach a global audience.” The preconception still exists that the internet is only suited to reaching a far-flung national or international audience. This is simply not true – local business can and are building super-profitable websites that generate new business from within their local area. What we need to perform is to make the local audiences feel comfortable and homely at our website to make the business successful. We follow the equivalent technique and offer our client a wide range of choices to suit their needs, culture, custom, client expectation, language selection etc.


    Result Oriented


    Result speaks the effort behind it. BlueHorse has a result-oriented team under one roof that comprises of Creative Designers, Developers, SEO Experts, Content Writers, Programmers, Software Developers and Marketing professionals. Our team has flexibility to work with the clients in a way that meets clients’ objectives. We build websites to fulfill your every online need and to achieve your target. We guarantee for results that you will surely have positive return of your investment. We hardly let our customers be worried of our activities in our lab. Our customers just get the most efficient outcome of our professionals.



    Quality in Time


    iUdyog is renowned for quality production within a certain time span. We use the latest web technologies to implement a solution that is elegant, accessible, and secure. Since the field of web development is changing very fast, our web developers always try to keep themselves updated with the changing web-topography so that they can offer better and more efficient web development and programming services to our clients. Our process of web development passes through a rigorous series of test to ensure the best of the quality the client get. Our team of expert is always at your helm to mould the project as per the client needs.


    Innovative Buddies


    iUdyog is mend to explore your activities. That is why we believe that there is no brim of prosperity. We are hungry to invent personalized modules which not only make your website aunique one but also a milestone on the way of IT history. Our mother company, BlueHorse Software, also believes Innovation, Fabrication, and Fostering as the best way to materialize one website.


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