Yes, Hotel and Hospitality industry needs a website also. Hotel and Hospitality industry is one

of the rapid protagonists in the field of industries. As the numbers of cities are increasing, the demand of luxurious hotels is also growing. iUdyog will design a sparkling website for promising hotels through which travelers, employees, administrative personalities and some other V.I.P.s will be aware of your services and hospitality and avail those through prior booking from home. Your website will earn you a brand of your own. You will accommodate a facility of online booking, online check in & check out details, customer registration via web, remote accessing for you and your customers, and over all you will get a worldwide advertisement of your hotels or NGOs which are devoted to provide hospitality.


The trends keep improving. The internet marketing revolution, social bookmarking, web 2.0 and all others have all added up to the change in the meaning of the Hospitality industry. The traditional way of booking hotels and resort have been changed by this system, as well as comparison of different Rooms & Rates offered by hoteliers. With the innovation of computer graphics and web photos, hoteliers can now display their pictures in their websites, so that their visitors can take a virtual tour to feel the interiors and exteriors of their hotels.

It has also become very easy to know Rooms and Rates of the hotels, the features and amenities/ they provide, and the online Reservation/ booking facility.




We know the hotel business, the players, partners and the competition intimately, both from a hotel operational perspective as well as through the development of highly successful websites.

We also know that today. Hotel web design and development has to... Capture...Your website has to capture the 80% plus of people who use search engines to find their next hotel to book

Connect...Your site must engage your visitors and convey an emotional connection, confidence, your value proposition and much more Convert...And finally, your website must deliver tangible revenues and a solid Return On Investment

Our results make us stand out from the crowd, and we think you should too...Choose us because of our proven ability to capture, connect with and convert your customers...all our experience, skills and resources go into every one of our hotel web design and development projects...but most importantly, we care about your business, your branding and your success online. iUdyog serves for both Hotel and Hospitality Industry and Customers who are intended to have those services.

For Hotel and Hospitality Industry:

Every town contains some outsiders who struggle for high class hospitality arrangements. If your hotel gets a website then outsiders will easily avail your hotel’s name when he will search for hotels in your town.

For Customers

Every town has some importance. It may be for medical facilities and also for tourism so hotels are mandatory in every town. The travelers can easily access the availability of good hotels in their destination through internet.


The Search Engines and Prospective guests

Since the web and search engines are practically the best answer to any question and research, every traveler and potential guest uses it to obtain information about the place he/she intends to go. All a hospitality operator need do is to feature well on search engines, so that a potential guest will get to know his products. This is why every organization needs to plan proactively on ways to gain footage on the search engines. The search engines keep changing their set of rules. These must also be adhered to at all times. There is a need for hoteliers to catch up with the progress of tour operators and other intermediaries in search engine optimization.

Increased Revenues and Decreased Expenses

With an effective website, properly positioned for the search engines, a hotel will be very sure of increased hotel bookings, and continual patronage and information to potential guests during their purchase decisions. A web presence also saves the time of the hotel staff. With the website automated processes, activities such as request for proposal forms, basic guest information, conference facility layouts and other information can be gotten on the site saving both time and money. It is also easy with this system to capture guests’ contact details to encourage repeat business through regular -newsletters, promotions, and so on.

Communicating with clients

With a website or a web presence, it becomes extremely easy to speak to potential and repeat clients on a personal basis. The technology has so advanced that an organization can use few clicks to add information to its websites. It has also become quite easy to speak the individual languages of prospective clients very easily. There are currently well enhanced web administration systems which facilitate the uploading and use of multilingual content.

Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

With a web presence, it is now quite easy to use the essential principles of hospitality marketing to tosh up the business. There is no better medium of building a relationship with a client, retaining this client and encouraging repeat visitors than with a efficiently and effectively managed website.

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Yes, Hotel and Hospitality industry needs a website also. Hotel and Hospitality industry is one


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