1. What is a Website Development?


Website development is simply a process to design a well constructed website where all of your activities will be described in details. There are few steps to develop a website. i.e.


  1. Website planning.
  2. Website designing.
  3. Website launching.
  4. Website hosting.
  5. Website maintenance.



2. Why is a website necessary?


Your Customers expect you to have a Web site

Huge numbers of customers are there waiting for your products. There is a large demand of multipurpose products. They are just searching for a website which will provide them with versatile products all the way.


Potential Universal Customer is Searching You


Mass is rushing for web access so you must be present there. Your members, and potential members, are using the Internet at home, school and work. If you don't have a Web site, you are missing a valuable way of communicating with your members, your community and those who are searching for information about your activities.


Your Competitors are Online


Maximum competitors of you are going to be online as the time advances. One may think of local market which he is ruling at present. But my friend be aware because your competetors are increasing their strength and they may grasp the whole some market of your dealing through their eCommerce (Electronic Commerce) activities.


Instant Information Kiosk


Your Web site is always on and available to anyone looking for information about your organization, institutes or foundation. Members and seekers can find the information they need when they need it without additional mailing costs, personnel to answer a phone or voice mail messages to be returned.


Monetary Savings


Internet information can greatly reduce printing and mailing costs. Information that you now distribute via handouts, brochures and newsletters is readily available online, avoiding print distribution costs.



3. What is the importance of website?


eCommerce (Electronic Commerce) is the ultra modern trend of shopping and marketing and due to its easy accessibility a lot of people are using Internet as a powerful communicating media to provide services to potential customers. The website development for a company is an fundamental part of its communication range.


The Connecting Buddy


The website is principal connecting buddy between any company and universal customers. It is important to ensure that the website is made user friendly and has all the relevant information about the company.


24*365 Online Dealings


The greatest benefit of website is that it is available for customers at any point of time on any given day. With a very nominal expenditure, you can ensure that your customers are kept updated on all the products and services of your company. You can also advertise your special products and other relevant updates to worldwide customer within a short span of time.


Expansion of Business


Today, your website can do wonders to improve your business. About 65% of the companies have been able to successfully increase their business through web marketing. In maximum cases you need to be dependent on the “word of mouth” marketing which is a bit of backdated now, in the age of eCommerce (Electronic Commerce).


Trust of Customers


The trustworthiness of your company is reflected through the website. Maximum customers check your ingenuity on the website presently. Therefore, you have to ensure that you regularly maintain and enhance your website so that customers are able to find all the information they require. Lack of sufficient information can result in 36% of your customers moving business to your competitors.



4. How website helps one?


Uninterrupted Service


Website provides the customers with an uninterrupted service. No strikes, no hazards, no situation can stop your customer to get in touch of you through a website. Many people access the web in the evening when most businesses are closed -- which is fine because websites never sleep ! A website will allow your business or organization to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Having a website is the equivalent of having an employee working around the clock -- even weekends and holidays!


Click to Search


With a website you are jst a ‘click’ behind your object.More than ever before, people are turning away from traditional means of finding information and looking online. Your business should be at their fingertips.


Websites Help Ascertain More Customers


According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of Internet sales are from new customers. Having a website significantly improves your customer reach no matter what services or products you offer.


Websites Are Globalized


Most of the small businesses are only able to market to their town and surrounding communities. With a website, you can take your goods and services across the world. most importantly, you will get a globalized brand value through a website. A dweller of remotest corner of the world will also know your dealings.



5. How much fruitful a website is for small


Business giants have a web website but small businesses need a website. Small business holders need to prosper very faster due to the age is being globalized.


Here is a simple statistics for you:


According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses that have websites are averaging $1.07 million more per year in sales than small businesses not online. That equates to 39% higher revenue.



6. Why is iUdyog interested on suburban areas?


iUdyog is a non profitable organization. iUdyog has taken a deep concern and initiative to get in through the process of urbanization of business on e- development module by focusing on the second and third tier cities and towns and even extending our reach to the rural arena. Our main aim is to empower the business and economic progress of the rural and town based individuals by extending our technological hands and sharing our experience to shape in their business model to be adapted on global front.



7. What is CMS (Content Management System)?




CMS stand for Content Management System. As is widely known, fresh and continually updated web content is what lures visitors to repeatedly come to the same site and linger there for long. To achieve this, you need to evolve and put in place effective content management solutions capable of an array of functions like web-based publishing, format management, revision, indexing, search, and info retrieval.




Is a widely used award-winning CMS which helps you to build imaginative Web sites and strong online applications? Joomla is used by a host of corporate Web sites, Corporate intranets and extranets, many online periodicals, E-commerce, small businesses, community-based portals etc. to power their Web sites. Ease of use and extensibility are some key features have made Joomla the much sought-after CMS software in the market.




Is web software that comes in handy to create elegant website and blogs. This core software is developed by a large number of community volunteers and there are plenty of plug-ins and themes to incredibly change your site to include amazing features. There is a popular misconception that Wordpress is built only for blogs but Wordpress is also an intuitive CMS. Whichever of these CMS you find most appropriate and promising, we can work with you to further suitably tailor and refine the CMS to your specific needs. We do all kinds of customization, module development for these CMS to suit perfectly to your requirement.



8. What is SEO?


SEO or search engine optimization is a process which increase or decrease your any website’s visibility rank on any search engine. It is very crucial to be among the top rankers on any search engines because hardly any people is bothered to search you, rather what they want is to solve their own problem. So in this huge competition of SEO you have to lead to get the focus.


There are several different ways to improve Search Engine Optimization:


Keyword Analysis: Key words are very crucial to develop one website’s SEO. In your website’s content some key words must exist.


Engine Optimization: Google and Overture offer keyword search tools that show you which keywords are most highly searched for within your specific slot and these can then be inserted into your content. Google and other top search engines rely on keyword analysis to decide which sites to bring up with every search made.


Website Optimization: Optimizing your website can be a time consuming task but it is one that should not be ignored if you are looking for success on the internet today. You want to make your website search engine friendly and this can be done through keyword analysis mentioned above, easy to navigate site and a site that is clean to look at. Google has no interest advertising messy websites that are impossible to navigate. With so many vendors to choose from they will skip right over yours. Your site needs to also be rich in content in order to be SEO friendly. Hiring writers is an option here if you are not familiar with content writing.


Link Competition Analysis: We offer the ability to estimate just how many links it will take to get your website into that sought after number 1 or 2 spot on Google. This is an essential part of SEO marketing and one not many companies provide for their clients. Most of your competitors are focusing solely on keyword optimization but if you take SEO to the next level with link analysis you are taking a giant step forward.


Link Building: Our last SEO feature included in this marketing package is to build permanent and stable links that will drive traffic of all different kinds to your website in order to help build your rankings in the search engines.



9. What is Key Word?


When someone is searching for information on the web, they will usually visit a search engine and type in some words describing what they are looking for. The search engine then checks its database and returns the results listing pages that meet the words submitted.These words used by people searching can be called keywords or search terms. If you have done a search using the search engines, you will know that a single word will generate results that are very broad and frequently irrelevant. To fine-tune your search, you need to use a number of words or a phrase. This often gives you a more relevant search result.


Why are they important?


Keywords are important as they can be used successfully in conjunction with the search engines to provide you with a free source of targeted traffic to your web site. They enable people who need your product, service or information to find you. Appropriate keywords are like a telephone number for your business and the search engine is like the telephone book – it lists your name and number.


How to determine what keywords to use


One must know the taste of universal customer. Various customers search with various key words according to their needs. That is why one must fix key words which will cover almost all the queries of the visitors.To be successful in this action one must use simple regularly used words. At the same time one must use those words repeatedly with various application and synonyms.



10. What is eCommerce?


e-Commerce or electronic commerce, comprises of commercial transactions conducted over electronic systems such as the internet or any other electronic network. In simple words, it’s buying and selling on the internet.


Future of It: We believe, e-Commerce is slowly becoming an indispensable part of our lives and will be one of the biggest growth areas in this century. Understanding this potential, BlueHorse was established with an aim to better the lives of evolving netizens who wish to bring a radical change in their businesses by leveraging e-Commerce to their advantage.


How to be Successful in This Context:


An e-Commerce initiative can be successful, if and only if, an appropriate software development cycle is chosen for its planning, development and execution.



11. How does a website get started?


Website planning:


To achieve a brand in the world of website one must have a world class plan. Unfortunately a full proof planning is seldom seen in this context. If we consider a general shop then it will be clear. Is it enough to open a general shop with lot of merchandise? Definitely not! One must open a general shop in a locality. Similarly the position of any factory should be out of the locality but in a well communicated place. These are all about planning. This needs to be established before construction can begin. Do you want to showcase your products? If so, do you want to sell them? If your site is information-based, how do you want to present that information to your prospects? And what exactly do you want to present?


Conserve Information:


One must conserve all the possible information about his/her dealings so that a client can easily be satisfied by just clicking on certain components. You will need to know what information will be on placed on your website. For example, how many photos and products (if any) you wish to include?


Market your website:


After the construction of the website is complete, and the site is launched on the World Wide Web, you will need to tell everyone - and we mean everyone - about your new website. KLP will submit your new site to Yahoo!, Google, and MSN. But additional methods of marketing should be implemented to get your website working for you. We will give you general advice on how to market your website. Read our 'Marketing Your Website' section for more info.


Maintain your website:


Launching a web site is a matter to achieve a higher status but the most difficult job is to maintain that status. Your website will be launched quickly after you order but the maintenance of that website demands constant effort. A huge numbers of website face the lack of inefficient maintenance. A complete overhaul and redesign should be done every two and a half to three years to keep your look fresh.



12. What is domain name?


A domain name is the core of your online identity. It is the address your customers, friends, and family will use to find information about your products and services on the web. Your domain name is yours entirely because once you complete the domain register process, no other party may use the same domain name. A Domain name is the essence of your company's online identity. It is your permanent address that can follow you no matter where you are located. This is a very powerful tool for individuals as well as businesses.


Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain name it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains.


For example:

  • .gov - Government agencies
  • .edu - Educational institutions
  • .org - Organizations (nonprofit)
  • .mil - Military
  • .com - commercial business
  • .net - Network organizations. Etc.



13. What are the things every small business website needs?


(i) A clear description of who you are:


Your website must contain a clear description of you and your products so that customers do not feel irritated to search in.


(ii) A simple, sensible Web address:


There is a say that Simplicity is the Best beauty. Your Web Address must be simple which can be memorized easily.


(ii) An easily-navigated site map:


No customers want to be harassed. That is why a simple and easily-navigated site map must be followed to design a website.


(iii) Easy-to-find contact information:


Your contact details on the web site must be easily available and smoothly accessible. Those contact details must be genuine too.


(iv) Know the basics of SEO:


One must know the basics of SEO to come forward in the competition of online marketing.


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