What SEO is?


SEO or search engine optimization is a process which increase or decrease your any website’s visibility rank on any search engine. It is very crucial to be among the top rankers on any search engines because hardly any people is bothered to search you, rather what they want is to solve their own problem. So in this huge competition of SEO you have to lead to get the focus.


iUdyog promises


As iUdyog has promise to solve your all the obscurities, we will support you with a number of skilled professionals who are excelled on SEO development.


There are several different ways to improve Search Engine Optimization and iUdyog can implement each and every one of them into an existing website or create an entirely new SEO website for a specific purpose.


Keyword Analysis: Key words are very crucial to develop one website’s SEO. In your website’s content some key words must exist. iUdyog’s skilful professionals are will do it for you to grade you top in any search engine.


Engine Optimization: Google and Overture offer keyword search tools that show you which keywords are most highly searched for within your specific slot and these can then be inserted into your content. Google and other top search engines rely on keyword analysis to decide which sites to bring up with every search made.


Website Optimization: Optimizing your website can be a time consuming task but it is one that should not be ignored if you are looking for success on the internet today. You want to make your website search engine friendly and this can be done through keyword analysis mentioned above, easy to navigate site and a site that is clean to look at. Google has no interest advertising messy websites that are impossible to navigate. With so many vendors to choose from they will skip right over yours. Your site needs to also be rich in content in order to be SEO friendly. Hiring writers is an option here if you are not familiar with content writing.


Link Competition Analysis: We offer the ability to estimate just how many links it will take to get your website into that sought after number 1 or 2 spot on Google. This is an essential part of SEO marketing and one not many companies provide for their clients. Most of your competitors are focusing solely on keyword optimization but if you take SEO to the next level with link analysis you are taking a giant step forward.


Link Building: Our last SEO feature included in this marketing package is to build permanent and stable links that will drive traffic of all different kinds to your website in order to help build your rankings in the search engines.

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