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The Team iUdyog

iUduyog is an initiative taken by BlueHorse Software. The team iUdyog is established to modernize the rural and suburban towns and cities throughout India. Team iUdyog specially focused to work on those areas where metro technology has not reached yet. Our team consists of numberless young and energetic employs who are completely devoted to meet the aim of iUdyog. Our employs belong from your own towns and cities that is why they are the perfect to manifest the qualities of your town.
Why is iUdyog Formed?

The principle objective of iUdyog is to develop the rural and suburban towns in India. When BlueHorse Software started its journey, it saw that although there are countless websites to facilitate the metro dwellers in the world but there is hardly any website to meet various need of the rural and suburban towns and cities of India. Under such circumstances BlueHorse Software undertook the project of iUdyog.

iUdyog’s Initiatives

iUdyog has planned to uplift the downtrodden suburban cities by offering them a world class website. iUdyog has pointed out that the only difference between suburban towns and metropolitan cities is the lack of proper manifestation. We believe that a suburban city contains more open market than that of the metropolitan cities where market is on the way of saturation.


Here are few instances of what facilities a metro city possesses:

  • A website which covers each and every sectors of the city
  • A website containing address and contact details of the city’s noteworthy dwellers


Under such scenario iUdyog initiates to build website for each and every sectors and establishments of these suburban cities or towns. Our initiative propagates-


  1. Educational Institutes
  2. Business Enterprises
  3. Health Care Centers
  4. Hotel and Hospitality
  5. Media and Entertainment industry
  6. Individuals


We believe this initiative will open an all new dimension for the suburban cities to explore their happening to the world.

Why iUdyog is Interested on Suburban Cities?

iUdyog has taken a deep concern and initiative to get in through the process of urbanization of business on e- development module by focusing on the second and third tier cities and towns and even extending our reach to the rural arena. Our main aim is to empower the business and economic progress of the rural and town based individuals by extending our technological hands and sharing our experience to shape in their business model to be adapted on global front.


Our reasons of interest-


  • To fasten the all-round economical growth of India
  • To implement technological motif to the 2nd and 3rd tier cities
  • To increase web awareness throughout India
  • To make the mass well comprehended with eCommerce

Our Success Mantra

Our company can provide premium-quality custom made forum designs, created by our experienced designers. We guarantee you high-quality services, free quotes and free forum - related advice. Our prices are affordable and we try to do our best to meet the needs of our every client.

  • Creativity: We have an excellent team of creative experts who are individuals from the design background.
  • Client Specific and Client Centered Work Processes: We are committed to offer top priority to client’s requirements. Understanding client’s requirements on the first stance and delivering them within the prescribed deadlines give us all the satisfaction and praise.
  • Best turnarounds: We strive to fulfill its commitments well before the allocated time frame, and this shows the level of sincerity and commitment we hold for the projects taken under our supervision.
  • Technical Expertise: Our seasoned and ripe technocrats are adept to play on different cross platform architectures and advanced technologies. This provides the clients an opportunity to get world’s best working environments incorporated in their business models.
  • High Honesty and Transparency Levels: We work with honesty and sincerity towards attaining our project oriented goals. Utmost care is taken to provide confidentiality and foolproof security to all the projects undertaken by our design and development center. We make it a deliberate point that no security lapse occurs at our end, and this allows us to treat every project on individual basis and different from other projects. No project information is made available or disclosed to clients who are not associated with the project.
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