About iUdyog

iUdyog is an initiative, taken by BlueHorse Software to bring the suburban cities into the international platform. We are committed to enlighten the rural and suburban areas of India to enhance the economical, infrastructural and technological strength of our country. iUdyog is a creative web solution focused to work with micro, small and medium business from numberless cities and suburban areas. Apart from ongoing development trend iUdyog focuses on creative idea, suitable for business environment customized as per the client demand solution.

Branding and Advertising


Trust begins with brands and we create brands. We believe that you and your business are second to none. You just need a bit ofpromotion to the international platform. iUdyog will promote you with a website so that you be a part of the biggest web of the world i.e. World Wide Web. Thus you will have an international brand which is a mandatory to acquire universal identity. Not only that you will get an advertisement media through our world class website solution.


Better Communication


Communication breaks the ice of inaccessibility. Your business will be popular only when your customers will have the facility to have you with them. You may estimate the urgency of better communication from the increasing call centers and customer care centers. iUdyog will facilitate you with the largest and most popular communicating media i.e. a website. Through website you can communicate to the customers from whole world and for that you will have no need to invest extra. Even language, culture or religion is no more a barrier for building Business Networks on the internet. A website provides communication facilities in both directions, internal as well as external. Your customer will also feel more ease to access a website than to dial a number and to follow IVRS. Overall a website is several times faster than others.


A Whole new Market to Explore


A new market is a mine of opportunities. Most small and medium type businesses are only able to market in their town and surrounding communities. iUdyog knows that you all are very satisfied with your running business. At the same time it is also true that if you continue to sell your products in a same market then either market saturation will stop your smoothness or any growing brand will capture your market. Therefore through our website we shall provide you with a whole new market to you. Only then your business will flourish day by day. Besides as you will get a new brand for your company, you can easily make yourself acceptable to the customers of the globe.


Internet is the future


Come on step with the age. Today, there are approximately 970 million Internet users. Thus it is a most efficient way to get potential customers from all over the world through internet marketing. iUdyog will build a website for you to serve the purpose. There are competitions in every business. This is like going for a business exhibition on internet. You cannot stop competition in any business but at least make your identity so that your potential customers are given a chance of comparing and subsequently buying your products or engaging your services with the help of professional business website. The Internet has already profoundly changed our economic and social world. The developments we have seen so far are just a beginning. In this age of eMarketing, telemedicine, online education, online business a website is only one vehicle to ride on. The Internet itself is a fantastic tool for connecting people together into an enormous social networking project. The use of the Internet in public policies will considerably grow in areas such as education, culture, health and e-government.


Networking and Knowledge Sharing


Let others know your business that is the secret to success. If your customers be well acquainted with your dealings then only they will feel longing for your merchandise. iUdyog will facilitate you with


  • Blogs: this is just like an online diary. Your customers will read you.
  • Emails: to contact your business friends with in a blink of eye. Network hazards can’t touch it unlike telephone.
  • Network of your own: your own business net work establishment through iUdyog will make your job of supervision comfortable. At the same time you will be in touch with some commercial counselors with whom you can share your knowledge.


Redefining Processes and Saving Operational Costs

Invest your total capital into productive sectors. Internet information can greatly reduce printing and mailing costs.


  • What you do: You now distribute information via handouts, brochures and newsletters.
  • What you pay: You are bound to pay the printing cost of those and also of those banners of advertisement.
  • What you achieve: a local advertisement merely.
  • Your Profits: Some day you will see the banners are replaced by any muscular local head.

    Come and please visit us. We shall design a website of world class status for you and then—


  • What you will do : You will send sms and emails for circulation.
  • What you will pay: You will pay as per your need.
  • What you will achieve: A global advertisement. A globally recognized brand.
  • Your will Profit: The cost you invest for local advertisement.


    Competitive Edge


    Struggle for existence. Among two similar product sellers one has a website and another has none. Who will lead the run? Undoubtedly the former one. A website of your business or organization will also make your customers or members feel proud and they will meet you repeatedly. iUdyog feels the need of having a website in the account of its customers. Surely, it will take you few steps forward, beyond your competitors.


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